PromoSignalHK was founded by Graham Budinger. Graham is an expert in logistics, product sourcing, quality control, importing, exporting and team motivation who started his first people identification badging business, Badge International Group, in London in 1990 and quickly transformed this business into an international industry leader, with offices in Hong Kong and New York. Graham leads a customer service and goal oriented team across all of the groups own brands.

We get it right!
We track and monitor every order, from the moment it is received to the moment it is delivered, across the entire group. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We currently achieve 98.48% right first-time orders and 100% on time orders and the repeat business we achieve is a testament to our service standards.

We really care about our team

Our team are highly trained, skilled and motivated, and we provide ongoing mentoring, clearly defined and achievable goals with many incentives and rewards to ensure job satisfaction and career advancement opportunities. We've created a positive team environment and this culture is a win-win-win for the customer, the team member and the company.

Experts in logistics