RecycleID 76mm x 22mm | 2.99" x 0.86"

Price Breaks

250US$1.18 each
500US$1.07 each
1000US$1.00 each
2500US$0.96 each
5000US$0.93 each
10000US$0.96 each


RecycleID badge kit

  • Size: 76mm x 22mm | 2.99" x 0.86"
  • Includes: RecycleID metal badge plates in White/Gold or Silver
  • and RecycleID Badge Plastic Caps
  • Does not include Magnet Fastening & Acetate Insert

The Highest Quality Reusable Name Badge with a Clear Plastic Dome, Gives the Look & Feel of a High-Quality Permanent Badge. RecycleID is an Ideal Solution for casual employees or high staff turnover. Perfect for identifying volunteers. Perfect for conference attendees. Perfect for temporary employees. A versatile way to get a quantity of name badges at an affordable price.

RECYCLEID can be used over and over again. Unsnapping the clear plastic dome, removing the old name sheet, printing a new insert, and snapping back the clear plastic dome. This re-use extends the life of the badge and increases the return on investment