Price Breaks

500US$0.38 each
1000US$0.29 each
2500US$0.22 each
5000US$0.18 each
10000US$0.175 each


Soft plastic wallet

  • Wallet size: L(125mm) x W(73mm) | L(4.92") x W(2.87")
  • Insert size: up to L(105mm) x W(65mm) | L(4.13") x W(2.56")
  • Punched hole on each side and slot in centre for lanyards

Our clear name badge wallet is an ideal option for those who will be attending or having an event, such as a conference, and need a high quality product. These name badge holders can be clipped to a lanyard so that they can be worn at events, which helps with networking and image branding. We can assist you with your custom printing needs for these name badge holders, or you can print them on your own, insert, and be ready to go. They come in packs of 50, but you will save money when you place a larger order. Consider purchasing some additional name badge holders for future use to get the savings now!